a girl who is epic, awesome, funny, sweet, cute, s-xy, and totally girlfriend material. she is super nice and has tons of swag.
girl 1: look at that girl over there.
girl 2: she is so pretty.
girl 1: she is a definite abi.
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she is a star

don’t let her go.
she’s a special girl, a full on abi
the sweetest girl ever that you may be inextricable attracted to for some unexplainable reason. has the most amazing personality and the most charming smile in the whole gta!
1: i am so hung up on abi!
2: dude, me too.
1: f-ck off!
the sweetest girl ever who you are inextricably attracted to. has the most awesome personality and the most charming smile in the whole gta!
1: dude, i am so hung up on abi.
2: dude me too.
1: f-ck you
seriously the bestest friend ive ever had
omg taylor c loves abi
noun (ah-bee)

highly fashionable and creative teenage girl.
that painting is amazing! she’s such an abi.

sarah is definately an abi. look at her outfit! she looks like a model!
albanian boys, inc. basically a gang of mostly young albanians in ny, who fight endlessly with blacks & hispanics. a pretty loyal group, but they are usually quiet and stick to themselves; they dont start sh!t but they do pack heat. taking over columbus hs in the bronx yeaaaah its true..
just remember next time you see a.b.i. spray-painted on walls, written on public property, school bathroom stalls..etc.
means “father” in arabic, as in mos def’s lyric “umi says”
my abi said shine your light on the world, shine your light for the world to see.

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