american board of industrial hygiene

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    abihail father of might. (1.) num. 3:35. (2.) 1 chr. 2:29. (3.) 1 chr. 5:14. (4.) the second wife of king rehoboam (2 chr. 11:18), a descendant of eliab, david’s eldest brother. (5.) the father of esther and uncle of mordecai (esther 2:15).

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    a son of aaron who, with nadab, was destroyed by fire from heaven for disobeying the lord. lev. 10:1–5. historical examples the punishment of nadab and abihu by death for offering “strange fire” (x. 1-5) forms a natural sequel to chap. encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 16, slice 5 various no one can imagine that […]

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    . a system whereby students are separated into different groups or cl-sses according to test scores or relative scholastic ability, as to -ssure that gifted students are not inhibited by slower learners.

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