abina is a sweet and sensitive caring person always there when you need her down to earth 🙂
call abina if your feeling down

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  • aboriginal acquisition

    a more politically correct term for “indian giver” yeah, i did score this jacket for free from johnny, but then he asked for it back; i guess it was an aboriginal acquisition.

  • abrandon

    to be completely gay about something. to have nothing in any decent way come out of what you are doing. to not succeed at anything, not even life. to be a complete douche about bros before ho’s and at all times have ho’s come before bros. in an abrandon nut sh-ll..to be a nut sack […]

  • gtnrdy

    short for “getting ready” gtnrdy for the party, lvm!

  • gangsterism

    subscribing to a course of action reminiscent of organized crime. acting or conducting business in a way that is violent and totally without conscience. acting like a gangster/thug/hoodlum. running business or holding a high government position with the help of hired guns, intimidation and the occasional as-ssination. gangsterism is the culture of gangs. often members […]

  • Knob of Butter

    a british term denoting some b-tter, or a more gentlemanly insult when striving to avoid strong language. richard, you kn-b of b-tter. you’ve spilt my pint of ale all over the table.

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