a creature from dungeons and dragons, cl-ssified as baatezu, the inhabitants of the nine h-lls, also known as baator. they are draconic in appearance, and color-coded according to their elemental inclination. black abishai use acidic attacks, white use cold attacks, blue abishai use electric attacks, and red abishai use fire. of the four types, red abishai are the most powerful, and white abishai the least.
my wizard is completely useless because i forgot to change his readied spells before i rested. i’m fighting a swarm of red abishai and all my area of effect spells are fire-based!
father of a gift. ~hebrew name. one of king david’s mighty men of valor.

a really cool guy who wouldn’t let anyone mess with the people he loved and respected. he would kill you given the chance
and david said to abishai, destroy him not: for who can stretch forth his hand against the lord’s anointed, and be guiltless? (1 samuel 26:9 kjv)
a geeky kid that thinks he is part wolf.the so called “father of gifts”.plays with transformers and makes origami. basically a 10 year old in a 17 year olds body.also dates girls a lot younger then himself.
abishai is so immature
abishai are demonic creatures from a different plane of existance. they look like animated catherdral gargoyles. abishai come in two types- white and red.
the abishai are creatures not to be messed with.

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