having a strong, healthy body; physically fit:
every able-bodied young man served in the armed forces.
contemporary examples

the labor force partic-p-tion rate (the percentage of able-bodied adults in the workforce) fell as well.
today’s unemployment report is an s.o.s. to the fed daniel gross september 5, 2013

i hated that as an able-bodied male, i was expected to go out for football, basketball, and track.
how ‘the little way of ruthie leming’ taught me it’s ok to love my hometown justin green april 9, 2013

more than half of able-bodied snap recipients work in the year in which they receive benefits.
food stamp cuts add to walmart’s troubles daniel gross november 1, 2013

ultimately, that included andrea, milton, merle, and all but one of the adult, able-bodied residents of woodbury.
a primer for ‘the walking dead’ season four premiere melissa leon october 10, 2013

able-bodied people rarely notice the barriers that riddle the world which keep the disabled from partic-p-ting in society.
#yesallwomen should have the church on their side gene robinson may 31, 2014

historical examples

i’ve seen no other able-bodied soldier about town; how is it that you are here?
the atlantic monthly, volume 14, no. 86, december, 1864 various

if you were an able-bodied man, i’d get you, too—just to have a pair of you.
good indian b. m. bower

moreover, the small number of able-bodied workingmen among them was disappointing to the colonization company.
the journal of negro history, volume 6, 1921 various

it was the duty of every able-bodied man to fight for the empire.
the rough road william john locke

when the meeting convened practically every able-bodied man in fort dodge and vicinity was present.
the spirit lake m-ssacre thomas teakle

physically strong and healthy; robust
not having a physical disability

1620s; see able + body.

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