an condition, state, or quality; irregularity; deviation.
an thing or event.
contemporary examples

they are searching for abnormalities in the soil, replanted vegetation and other signs of a rogue grave.
the hunt for madeleine mccann’s grave barbie latza nadeau may 11, 2014

also, the types of abnormalities reported are not those -ssociated with radiation exposures.
the f-kushima generation: new data on birth defects in post-meltdown j-pan nathalie-kyoko stucky, jake adelstein september 25, 2013

and those errors—called point mutations—can create a fetus with abnormalities.
how old is ‘too old’ for fatherhood? sarah wildman november 6, 2011

usually, we also declare that human negligence must be the root of the abnormalities.
the most dangerous substance in america may be fertilizer megan mcardle april 18, 2013

historical examples

the abnormalities are slight, and there is as great a diversity among the men as could be asked.
appletons’ popular science monthly, vol. 56, march 1900 various

in many, the susceptibility to colds is due to abnormalities in the nose or throat.
how to live irving fisher and eugene fisk

a man who deals with this type of patient needs every advantage which he can get, for invariably he is dealing with abnormalities.
habits that handicap charles b. towns

her face looked cheerful and normal in this place of abnormalities.
bambi marjorie benton cooke

there were no other abnormalities; there were no serious hysterical manifestations.
collected papers on -n-lytical psychology c. g. jung

all causes of dilatation of the stomach may be referred to abnormalities of one or more of these factors.
a system of practical medicine by american authors, vol. ii various

noun (pl) -ties
an abnormal feature, event, etc
a physical malformation; deformity
deviation from the typical or usual; irregularity

“quality of being abnormal,” 1854; “abnormal feature or quality,” 1859, from abnormal + -ity. earlier as abnormity (1731).

abnormality ab·nor·mal·i·ty (āb’nôr-māl’ĭ-tē)
an anomaly, malformation, or difference from the normal.

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