a creature so horrible that if you look at it for to long, your eyes will start to bleed. lives in drainpipes and grease pits surrounding high schools and universities. the origins of the abomination goes something like this: a giant plague infested sewer rat rapes an aids carrying orangutan, in the -ss, while in the restroom of a 747. the orangutan proceeds to sh-t out the -ss baby that was conceived. the baby abomination gets ejected out of the plane along with a large amount of sh-t. while falling, the abomination gets h-t by lightning and catches fire. upon reaching the ground, the flaming abomination slams into a mountain side at terminal velocity and then rolls down the side, hitting every rock on the way down. baby bom-bom then reaches a cliff where it falls off, still on fire, and lands on the ugly tree, where it falls h-tting every branch on the way down. it then falls into a campground, still on fire, where a family proceeds to beat it with sticks and stomp it out with their golf cleats. they then dump it into an outhouse that has a good 20 ft of sh-t in the bottom. here the abomination matures, stewing in the sh-t of countless years.
finally, the abomination crawled out and made its home in the sewer system of a small north georgia town.
the power of its ugliness attract other uglies like a magnet, so there is an excess amount of nasty in this town.
seriously, this thing is so ugly that you will want to die when you see it. its smell is indescribable, but this scenario may help. take a very hairy, nasty, diseased, fat ,sweaty man with chronic diarrhea and then take a blow dryer to his -ss. the warm air that cames off resembles the stench of the abomination.
has a bad case of not shutting the f-ck up and hair loss, but only on top of the head. frequently likes to show off its -ss crack which the sight and smell of kills unprepared people. if you ever come across the abomination, who will know it and you will never again be the same.
guy one: w-ssup want to drink some beers later?
guy two: yeah sure but first i have to…..oh f-ck!!!!!my eyes!!!
guy one: wtf are you talking abo……jesus christ!!!my eyes are bleeding!!!!what the f-ck is that smell!!!
guy two: -gasp- it….its the….abomination….-cough-…must have crawled out of the drain pipe or the grease pit…..-hack-.. don’t think im going to be able to see the same again.
guy one: oh sh-t its about to show us its -ss crack!!!! dont look whatever you do!!!dont lo………….
(both die upon the revealing of the -ss crack)
abomination (noun): in the cl-ssical sense, abominations are individuals absent human qualities. however, the modern use of the word generally refers to monsters of the ginger variety.

abominations will occasionally walk among the earth and take the guise of a correct human being. these are referred to as “daywalkers”. daywalker behavior should not be confused as a disowning of its demonic origins, rather, a guise to infiltrate and sabotage the functional world. as such, daywalkers may be considered the vanguard of the ginger horde; trained to pave the way for their future designs.

the rest of the abomination population makes no effort to suppress their behavior. they are commonly known for their dangerous habits and mannerisms. abominations are fiercely territorial and savage. exposure to sunlight is a consistently effective deterrent to abomination activity.

abominations are extremely dangerous and of low intelligence/worth. exercise extreme caution.
and from the fiery and rank pits of h-ll sprang the worst creation: the abomination and its opinions.
the most sh-ttiest company front transforming into a four-lined company front…if you can call it that.
j: what the f-ck? what kind of company front is that?!

n & b: oh, it’s not a company front..it’s an ‘abomination’!
gatorade mixed with southern comfort. best for public places, like the fair, movies, etc.
“the abomination is proof that southern comfort mixes well with everything.”
an ignorant hateful doctrine that turns parents against their own children and supports discrimination against a minority group of human beings.
preaching that h-m-s-xuality is not natural is an abomination that has caused an unholy plague of shame, depression, suicide, intolerance and violence to criss-cross my country.
the part of a mans body that a woman is intrested in touching during scapegoating.
hey! do you wanna touch my abomination.
a f-cking crusty old pile of sh-t 1958 vw bug.
“russell put so much of his dads money into the abomination just to have it break dow too many times”

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