historical examples

we’ve getten on here for aboon fifty year withaat ony o’ ther bother, an’ aw could like to finish my bit o’ time aght as we are.’
yorksher puddin’ john hartley

the lid will be aboon it and screwed down to-morrow, i dar’ say.
checkmate joseph sheridan le fanu

the dochter o’ th’ one man in the warld that’s harmed me aboon the rest!
bob, son of battle alfred ollivant

he went on: and you consate that all these steans be aboon folk that be happed here, snod an snog?
dracula bram stoker

there never was a trade so unhealthy yet but men would fight to get wark at it for twa pennies a day aboon the common wage.
chronicles of the canongate sir walter scott

then ye asked for a curl cut off aboon our brows—at least, frae mine and mirren semple’s.
lochinvar s. r. crockett

aw should think aw do know it, an’ aboon a bit too, why aw wor rewinated net hawf a yard thro’ whear yor missis is sittin.
yorkshire tales. third series john hartley

there was dirdumwhamle sympathising for a something over and aboon what megs to get by the will.
the entail john galt

i should’t tak ye to be aboon ninepence to t’ shillin’ at the varra most.
lancashire sketches edwin waugh

has na he a right to share and share alike wi the rest, over and aboon what he got by my father?
the entail john galt

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