the wood of a sapele.

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  • Abought

    simple past tense and past participle of . archaic. to pay the penalty of. to endure; continue. to undergo suffering as a penalty. verb abys, abyes, abying, abought (transitive) (archaic) to pay the penalty for; redeem

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    . a bay in n egypt, between alexandria and the rosetta mouth of the nile: french fleet defeated here by british fleet 1798. . a village of n egypt, in the nile river delta: battle of the nile near here (1798). historical examples the bay of aboukir resembled one wide flaming volcano, enveloped in the […]

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    noun a bay on the n coast of egypt, where the nile enters the mediterranean: site of the battle of the nile (1798), in which nelson defeated the french fleet arabic name abu qîr (abuˈkiːr) historical examples on the memorable 1st of august, 1798, he came in sight of the enemys fleet, anch-r-d in aboukir […]

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