About Face

1. a command of two words one prepatory(about) and one of action (face) given to a soldier that is standing at the position of attention. the soldier executes the “about face” by placeing his right toe slightly behind and to the left of his left foot and then pushes and pivots in a 180 degree turn, and then returns to the position of attantion.
platoon! about face!
1. before it was perverted, it was a military manouver in which a soldier or a troop turn around in the opposite direction; 180 degrees.
“charlie company, a-bout face!”

-soldiers turn swiftly and uniformly to face the opposite direction.-

-onlookers are amazed with such precision and s-xyness…-
1. this position requires that the woman sit with her back to him. the male lies on the bed and the female straddles his torso, kneeling on either side of him. from this position she can put her hands on his knees, giving her the leverage to lift off. this position forces the p-n-s into an uncommon angle, which many women find extremely exciting. if she wants to give him additional stimulation during this position she can reach down with one of her hands and m-ssage his b-lls. gentle pulling or m-ssaging is often very desirable for men.
i dig it when my lady does an about face with me.
complete 180 and go in the opposite decision.

to change your mind completely.
“last week she didn’t even like him and then this she put on this about face”
the act of adding someone to your facebook page, only later to realize it wasn’t who you thought it was.
guy1 – man, i added tina jones last night thinking it was tina lewis from high school. now i have to do an aboutface and remove her.
guy2 – tina lewis was hot.

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