american board of plastic surgery

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  • Abrachia

    abrachia abrachia a·bra·chi·a (ə-brā’kē-ə, ā-brā’-) n. congenital absence of the arms.

  • Abrachiocephalia

    abrachiocephalia abrachiocephalia a·bra·chi·o·ce·pha·li·a (ə-brā’kē-ō-sə-fā’lē-ə, -ā-brā’-) or a·bra·chi·o·ceph·a·ly (ə-brā’kē-ō-sěf’ə-lē) n. congenital absence of the arms and head. also called acephalobrachia.

  • Abradable

    to wear off or down by scr-ping or rubbing. to scr-pe off. verb (transitive) to scr-pe away or wear down by friction; erode v. 1670s, from latin abradere “to scr-pe off” (see abrasion). related: abraded; abrading. abrade a·brade (ə-brād’) v. a·brad·ed, a·brad·ing, a·brades to wear away by mechanical action. to scr-pe away the surface layer […]

  • Abradant

    having an property, effect, or quality; . an . historical examples carborundum, or silicide of carbon, is largely superseding emery and diamond dust as an abradant. the progress of invention in the nineteenth century. edward w. byrn

  • Abraded

    to wear off or down by scr-ping or rubbing. to scr-pe off. historical examples it is as well, however, not to apply it to any abraded surfaces. secrets of wise men, chemists and great physicians william k. david the lower eye would, also, have been liable to be abraded by the sandy bottom. on the […]

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