Abraham and isaac

abraham and isaac

the first two patriarchs of the old testament. according to the book of genesis, g-d made a covenant with abraham, telling him to leave his own country and promising to give his family (the hebrews) the land of canaan. this was the promised land. g-d also promised to maintain the covenant with abraham’s son isaac. after a time, g-d tested abraham by telling him to sacrifice isaac as a burnt offering. abraham obediently placed isaac on an altar and took a knife to kill him. then an angel of the lord appeared and told abraham to spare his son, because abraham had proved his faith.

note: both jews and arabs (see arab-israeli conflict) claim descent from abraham: jews through isaac, arabs through abraham’s other son, ishmael. abraham’s devotion to g-d makes him a model of faith to jews and christians alike.

note: “the bosom of abraham” is a term used in the gospel of luke, and in poetry often refers to the peace of heaven.

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