Abraham Lincoln High School

a performing arts high school located in the rose garden, a suburb in san jose, california.

home to the national renowned drama and dance team (bitco and convertibles)

has surprisingly high test scores, considering how ghetto the students are.

notable alumni –

courtney bryan, nfl player for the miami dolphins

megan dirkmaat, 2004 summer olympics silver medalist; rowing

anjelah johnson, comedian best known for her work on mad tv

bud ogden, nba player for the philadelphia 76ers

ralph ogden, nba player for the san francisco warriors
student 1: hey where do you go to high school?

student 2: i roll wit all meh homies ova ‘n dana avenue. you feel me, bro?

student 1: you mean abraham lincoln high school?

student 2: no sh-t sherlock.

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