usually an absolutely amazing friend that will always be there for you. they are loyal and caring. someone you can always count on and trust.
your a great friend, but not as good as an abram.
a prestigious family name that simply means “better than you”
boyfriend:you know that guy over there, sweety.
girlfriend: yea! ugh, he’s so much hotter than you, he’s gotta be an abrams!
boyfriend: yes he is!
is extremely s-xy; all the girls want him. is really good in bed.
shelby: abram you were really good in bed last night.
abram is just about the best guy you’ll ever meet. you can tell him anything and he understands. he keeps secrets, and you can trust him big time. he is a great friend, and will eventually fall for you. he can be the greatest boyfriend ever. he can be romantic and sweet, but still hilarious. he’s intelligent, but has blonde moments. he’s tough, but sentimental. he is perfect. never reject an abram.
i think i just met my soulmate. he is such an abram!
a high-end suburb north of green bay, wisconsin that is mainly populized by the upper-cl-ss. abrams is well known for the number of wealthy families that live there. it is the second nicest place to live in northeast wisconsin, with little suamico being the best community in the area.
girl1: hey i met a guy from abrams last night.
girl2: i bet he’s a keeper, anyone from abrams is rich!

girl1: have you ever been in abrams?
girl2: i used to live there.
girl1: i drove through it yesterday, and i couldn’t believe how rich it was.
girl2: yeah, it’s really cl-ssy. when my family lost all our money we couldn’t afford to live there, so we had to move to oconto falls.
a small town in wisconsin, with it’s occasional potheads and alcoholics. except those little posers, who act like they own the place. the kids here are a part of the oconto falls school district, where they are introduced to the world of drugs. everyone wants to hangout there, but n-body from abrams knows why. its dead here. the legends of abrams have grown up and left.
girl: hey, lets go down to the bridge in abrams and smoke weed.
guy: f-ck no poser. i’m going to the falls.
girl: what’s in the falls?
guy: not you. that’s for sure.
home to the worls largest populations on big t-tted blonde bimbos around. they cant find jobs in their own town so the travel near and far just to make a living
“that blonde must be from abrams cuz shes the ditsiest girl around dumb b-tch”

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