the act or an instance of , or repealing:
abrogation of the treaty’s responsibility.
historical examples

most important among them is the enactment, interpretation, suspension, and abrogation of all laws of the republic.
the governments of europe frederic austin ogg

demand for abrogation of part-tion is tantamount to demand for home rule.
indian home rule m. k. gandhi

by the abrogation of the company’s charter a revolution had indeed been effected.
the history of the thirteen colonies of north america 1497-1763 reginald w. jeffery

no official declaration has announced an abrogation of them.
monks, popes, and their political intrigues john alberger

the abrogation by the n-z-s of these fundamental rights of democracy has never been repealed or amended.
readings on fascism and national socialism various

if this is not the abrogation of a treaty, i do not see what can be.
charles sumner; his complete works, volume 5 (of 20) charles sumner

it was a plea for the abrogation of all political disabilities.
the life of lyman trumbull horace white

again, the abrogation of the decalogue is supposed to be taught in romans 7:4, 5, 6.
tracts on the sabbath various

therefore the abrogation of private m-sses cannot be conceded and tolerated.
the confutatio pontificia anonymous

we came from cæsarea to jericho to preach the abrogation of the law.
the brook kerith george moore


1530s, from latin abrogationem (nominative abrogatio) “repeal of a law,” noun of action from past participle stem of abrogare (see abrogate).

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