a word mean amazing

a word meaning intelligent
a word meaning beautiful
you are an abryna

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  • clean the slate

    when consecutive bouts of diarrhea cause you to blow up the bathroom, leaving your bowels devoid of any contents and about as clean as they were at birth. person 1: holy sh-t dude, you look like you lost 10 pounds. person 2: dude, you have no idea. i had four m-ssive rounds of the sh-ts […]

  • ballena

    ballena= mexican pacifico beer 33 oz size. spanish word for whale. similar to a caguama referring to size i would like a pacifico bartender, make it a ballena please 🙂

  • crotch nebula

    when a male or female doesn’t shave themselves down there for a period of 1 year or more. the resulting growth is cl-ssified as a crotch nebula. man, i totally misread that one. she had a crotch nebula under there. sorry bro, i can’t come grab a beer, i need to go shave my crotch […]

  • cocktrade

    any place where the turnover of mostly male employees is so high it becomes known as a c-cktrade. example: joe: “so you still working for that company?” dave: “no it turned into a c-cktrade.”

  • anal spike

    its when a guy doesn’t accept no as an answer when a girl says no to -n-l but during s-x he sticks his d-ck in her -ss any ways! “ooooh yes baby” “oh wait till you feel this” “aaawwwww!!! you f-cking -n-l spiked me”

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