honourfull society of internet gamers.
they took utopiaa game beyond the usual level and through strength, honour and silence they archieved goals out of the ordinary. fair gameplay, tireless effort and endurance made the name of the society a legend.
hey they raped you?
no they are absalom they don’t do that.
could i ask for a cease fire?
yes they are absalom they will listen.
was it a one in one war?
of course, they were absalom
one of the sons of king david who staged a coup to overthrow his father, but he was unsuccessful and later killed by david’s general joab. the name in hebrew is avshalom which means “father of peace.”
“my son absalom! o my son, my son absalom! if only i had died instead of you! o absalom, my son, my son!” 2 sam 19:1b jps

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