1. to sneakily sneak away really sneaky like.
i’m going to go abscond to the pond real sneaky like.
you escape from somewhere that has walls or chains, but you abscond from somewhere where the only deterant is that you are not allowed to leave, but there are no physical confines e.g. .
your school or an open prison
to steal a s-xual favor from a second party in a very seductive and forthright manner.
man… you really absconded that -ss last night didn’t ya? cmon… dont lie… ooooo ya you did, c’mon be honest, you a ddoooggg, oooo ya, way to goooo. w00t, abcond that boootay
engaging in s-xual acts with a party committed to another party; an adulterous act. see supply.
monica lewinsky absconded that booty in the white house.

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