not in a certain place at a given time; away, missing (opposed to ):
absent from cl-ss.
lacking; nonexistent:
revenge is absent from his mind.
not attentive; preoccupied; absent-minded:
an absent look on his face.
to take or keep (oneself) away:
to absent oneself from a meeting.
in the of; without:
absent some catastrophe, stock-market prices should soon improve.
contemporary examples

four years later, he has absented himself utterly from the quagmire in which nearly 90 million egyptians find themselves.
what’s left of obama’s mideast policy? marty peretz july 17, 2013

historical examples

when he became easier, he asked me why i had absented myself from home so long, and where i had been.
the seven cardinal sins: envy and indolence eugne sue

i avoided the house of mr clayton, and absented myself from his chapel.
blackwood’s edinburgh magazine, no. 327 various

if several had absented themselves from personal jealousies, others had stayed away through indifference.
beaumarchais and the war of american independence vol. 1 of 2 elizabeth s. kite

he absented himself in thought, then came to life with a snap.
masters of sp-ce edward elmer smith

he absented himself from church; he met the young ladies no more.
white lies charles reade

madeleine absented herself, and bertha soon stole to her side.
fairy fingers anna cora mowatt ritchie

he had absented himself from that hospitable domain for purposes of reflection, and also to avoid the company of mr. du brant.
the captain’s toll-gate frank r. stockton

if for a time i have absented myself from her, it is to think and work for her redemption.
curious, if true elizabeth gaskell

then, little by little, she absented herself from augusta, making frequent pilgrimages to boston.
the church of st. bunco gordon clark

adjective (ˈæbsənt)
away or not present
lacking; missing
inattentive; absent-minded
verb (æbˈsɛnt)
(transitive) to remove (oneself) or keep away

late 14c., from middle french absent (old french ausent), from latin absentem (nominative absens), present participle of abesse “be away from, be absent” (see absence). related: absently; absentness.

“to keep away” (from), c.1400, from middle french absenter, from late latin absentare “cause to be away,” from latin absentem (see absent (adj.)). related: absented; absenting.

“in the absence of,” 1944, princ-p-lly from u.s. legal use, from absent (v.).

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