one who is obsessed with other peoples abs or with getting ripped in the midesection..
“poor ryan, so absessed with getting rid of that extra 200 lbs.”

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  • absinthe-minded

    chronic absent-mindedness which results from heavy alcohol consumption and the resultant cloudy thinking. (from absinthe, a highly alcoholic beverage.) “i locked my keys in my car again–too many years of drinking have made me absinthe-minded.”

  • carrab*ssett screamer

    when you are making out with a girl and you pull out your p-n-s and tell a girl she can suck it if she wants to. craig’s favorite move in a date is a carrab-ssett screamer

  • adam sopp

    a funny kid who everybody loves he is soo funny, he must be a adam sopp

  • addiption

    when one has a severe addiction to dip/ chewing tobacco jordie: yo ritty you got a tin? ritty: yeah guy, but havent you had like 4 lips already today? jordie: yeah, ive got a serious addiption

  • adverbusking

    performing music, drama or dance with the intention not of receiving money but of giving out information to advertise an upcoming performance. a: are you guys free to go adverbusking today? b: sure, as long as we can dress up as pirates. a: well, we are putting on peter pan, so ok. and we can […]

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