a combination of absolutely and ludicrous used by mr. t in his video “be somebody or be somebody’s fool” to describe something embar-ssing.
so the next you find yourself in an absoludicrous situation, don’t go hide your head in the sand. recoup instead!

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    when you get absolutely accrondonated from beer. lets go down the nags head and get absolutelyatroned and throw peanuts at wiff.

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  • w*ngdow

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  • abtacular

    1. n.: a voluptuous young s-x kitten with a radiant soul. 2. adj.: having the sweet scent of one fine beeotch. 1. “abtacular, either somebody put something in my drink, or you the finest looking mother f—-r i’ve seen in weeks.” 2. “shiznit girl, you smell abtacular!”

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