more than definitely…….enthusiastically and profoundly yes!!!!!
i will absofrickenlutely be at your bbq!!!!!

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  • momgood

    something that is cool or good to moms. this does not mean it cant be cool or good to others but it is something moms like in particular. wine is so momgood

  • dry beefing

    starting a problem with n-gg-s for no reason. i’m finna start dry beefing with n-gg-s.

  • kayuran

    a boy who is: stupid, weird, pervert, black, irritating, sometimes smart and ridiculous. he can be good or bad, you cannot trust him. kayuran is stupid.

  • knuckle magnet

    one who’s face is so punch able that their very existence drives people crazy “mom, i got punched today.” “well, stop being such a knuckle magnet.”

  • thomasphilia

    someone who is aroused by horrific accidents and career-ending sports injuries. i must suffer from thomasphilia because watching joe theismann’s leg makes me hard.

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