Absolute humidity

the m-ss of water vapor present in a unit volume of moist air.
historical examples

the absolute humidity as a whole decreases as the temperature falls.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 6, slice 5 various

the absolute humidity is low, often less than ten grams per cubic metre.
wind and weather alexander mcadie

the relative humidity is approximately 75% and the absolute humidity 12 grams per cubic metre.
wind and weather alexander mcadie

the variations of relative humidity are generally the reverse of those of absolute humidity.
practical exercises in elementary meteorology robert decourcy ward

the humidity of the atmosphere, usually expressed as the number of grams of water contained in 1 cubic metre of air compare relative humidity

absolute humidity n.
the weight of water vapor present per unit volume of a gas or a mixture of gases.
absolute humidity
the amount of water vapor present in a unit volume of air, usually expressed in kilograms per cubic meter. absolute humidity does not fluctuate with the temperature of the air. compare relative humidity.

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