net version of absolutely. sounds cooler than it looks.
is that right ? absomalutely !

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  • absunotly

    (adj) it is the opposite of absolutely. the joint composite of absolutely+not=absunotly. daughter: “dad, may i have the car keys today?” father: “absunotly!”

  • academic erection

    the feeling one receives after completing a major school project or -ssignment. dude, i’m totally sporting an academic erection right now. five thousand words have never felt so good.

  • Abudabay

    term used by the american negro when suprised or flabergasted. when the police officer asked jerome if the knife in his hand belonged to him. jerome resonded with “abudabay”.

  • accidiss

    an accidental diss guy 1: i think i’m gonna apply to d-ck’s. guy 2: yeah you’d fit right in there. guy 1: hey! guy 2: sorry about the accidiss, i just meant you know a lot about sports.

  • Accipurpose

    an unexpected and undesirable event combined with the result or effect that is intended or desired. after only 10 minutes of sultry s-x with the mysterious woman in the bathroom, i -j-c-l-t-d by accipurpose. as the inebriated woman slipped off her bar stool, i grabbed her breast to shield her fall by accipurpose. 1 more […]

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