deeply interested or involved; preoccupied:
he had an absorbed look on his face.
historical examples

she sketched rapidly but fixedly and absorbedly, evidently forgetting all else in her work.
under the redwoods bret harte

by midnight, ship-time, she’d learned the game and played it absorbedly.
pariah planet murray leinster

absorbedly, stone took them from her, and one by one he used them to snip at a sheet of paper from the library desk.
the curved blades carolyn wells

juliet studied them absorbedly, showing plainly her appreciation of them.
the indifference of juliet grace s. richmond

after tearing it open she pored over the contents for a while, absorbedly.
options o. henry

linda was climbing so swiftly and so absorbedly that she reached the top before she heard a sound behind her.
her father’s daughter gene stratton-porter

she listened attentively, absorbedly; her eyes fixed upon his face.
aletta bertram mitford

now she was carrying a breakfast tray, poising it absorbedly, with the intentness of a mind on one thing only.
old crow alice brown

and two people talked comfortably and absorbedly about things n-body else would have thought very interesting.
creatures of the abyss murray leinster

sally drew it from her pocket and handed it to her, and doris spent another five minutes regarding it absorbedly.
the slipper point mystery augusta huiell seaman

engrossed; deeply interested

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