– absolutely fantastically fabulous.
(fabulous + fantastic) x absolute = abtabulous.
“that stunt was totally abtabulous!”

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  • Golden Carrot

    this takes some effort. first you p-ss in a toilet then dip your d-ck in it then finally stick it in a chicks -rs-hole. man i’ll never do the golden carrot that’s f-cking sick, the guy who created is f-cked up in the head.

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    gift from g-d. beautiful-pleasing to the eye- bright enthusiastic- creative – can be volatile if provoked. soft gentle- interesting character. thyrrice a tall and statuesque grecian goddess s-xy and put together. great booty – thyrrice has a dynamic personality thyrrice can be volitile and combative if provoked.

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  • Tight Rolls

    a type of roll applied to the legs of ones pants. very popular in the 80’s. considered to be retro. “yeah remember back in the days when we used to tight roll our jeans.”

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