archaic. to pay the penalty of.
to endure; continue.
to undergo suffering as a penalty.
contemporary examples

“aby rosen and the mugrabis just bought ten pieces” he said.
the coolest works at frieze anthony haden-guest october 21, 2009

historical examples

i’ll tell you what it is, aby, i ain’t so sure you’d have such an uncommon deal of pluck yourself.
castle richmond anthony trollope

mark my words, aby—that acting of yours will do your business.
blackwoods edinburgh magazine, volume 59, no. 365, march, 1846 various

“aby, was a good boy,” said the mother; whose heart seemed constantly to revert to her dead son.
the elm tree tales f. irene burge smith

but soon after noon aby did induce him to say a word or two.
castle richmond anthony trollope

youd pull the bananas off a blind mans pushcart to bring to your aby.
hungry hearts anzia yezierska

the father did what he could; but he had no means of keeping his son at home, and so aby went.
castle richmond anthony trollope

and aby, seeing this, seated himself more comfortably in his own.
castle richmond anthony trollope

there was certainly some truth in what aby had said with reference to his father.
castle richmond anthony trollope

and then leading aby through the hall and along a p-ssage, he introduced him into sir thomas’s room.
castle richmond anthony trollope

verb abys, abyes, abying, abought
(transitive) (archaic) to pay the penalty for; redeem

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