ac money

ac(acc-mulated cash) money fraud is an illegal money making method widely used in the uk by “roadmen”. this can be accomplished in several ways. the results of doing this can result with in-between £1,000-£20,000 this depends on the authenticity and reliability of the person who bangs(performs) the job for you. if you end up with <£1000 you must likely got b-mped(scammed) and there's nothing you can do about it. if you tell the police they'll ask why you did this and you'll get in trouble also. the only thing you can do is well... f-ck up the person who b-mped(scammed) you.the first method using hacks where-bye a hacker(or you if you know how to do it) adds zero's/0's to the back of your account balance by hacking the bank's log files. the second way is where-bye you give a "roadman" your's or someone's square(debit card/credit card) and he bangs(does ac) on it and keeps a large amount of the cash without telling you(you got b-mped but will never know... unless the amount you get is lower than what the person said). the third way is where-bye you give a "roadman" your's or someone's square(debit card/credit card) and he bangs(does ac) on it and keeps all of the cash and tells you the job didn't bang this is usually referred to as b-mping(scamming someone) and gives them much respect with the other "roadmen". ac money - "ay g did you bang ac on that square for me?" or "ay g do you know any man that can do certi ac that bangs 10k+ ?"

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