aca = alcohol, condoms & att-tude. the three factors necessary for any episode of the jersey sh-r-.
dude, alls ya need to have a great episode of the jersey sh-r- is aca!!

adv. – aquí, acá, en este momento, en este caso, en esta instancia
int. – ven aquí!, aquí tienes!
adj. – aquí, acá
n. – este lugar, el presente, esta vida
estoy aquí- i’m here

eres acá- you are here

after a long hard day at camp adventure everyone runs home to take their acas
person 1: did you take your acas yet?
person 2: no but that reminds me i got to go the bathroom !
a prison in which inmates are treated horribly. the prison inmates have to wear green strait jackets and kakhi pants. the clothes constantly rip because they have been french toasted. they must go through a daily toture of saw-dee, bash-rat, and did-mark. all tortures are beyond imagination and are painful just to simply think about.
the prison warden of aca put her own son in the prison.
worst freaking americas army clan on earth. made up of sweaty 14 year old pr-cks with issues. all of them should get their d-mn website hacked and unusable, since those guys are wannabe mackdaddies
aca i think stands for american canadian airlines, which means they could get into a heck of legal trouble with those dudes. anyways, the lcan should really learn to tolerate noobs

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