Academic year

the customary annual period of instruction at a college, university, etc., running approximately from september to june.
contemporary examples

but a person close to the obamas says they have also considered allowing them to finish up the academic year in chicago.
will the obama kids stay in chicago with grandma? scott horton november 12, 2008

historical examples

at the june examination, the end of the academic year, i was called to demonstrate the pulleys.
from man-ssas to appomattox james longstreet

it is also the name for the annual act, or encaenia, the ceremonial closing of the academic year at oxford university.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 6, slice 7 various

the past month has been distinguished by the annual commencements of the academic year in most of the colleges of the country.
harper’s new monthly magazine, volume 1, no. 4, september, 1850 various

the academic year ran from october to september, and elementary and secondary cl-sses ended at the end of may.
area handbook for romania eugene k. keefe, donald w. bernier, lyle e. brenneman, william giloane, james m. moore, and neda a. walpole

the academic year closes on the last wednesday but one in june, and consists of three terms.
the american missionary — volume 38, no. 06, june, 1884 various

at louis-le-grand there were verses and discourses in greek at the closing of the academic year.
the jesuits, 1534-1921 thomas j. campbell

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