an arcadian whose estate became a meeting place for athenian philosophers.
historical examples

they talk of progress, and while they talk they sigh for all that they have lost in academus.
wisdom, wit, and pathos of ouida ouida

“i mean the philosopher, who teaches in the groves of academus,” continued he.
philothea lydia maria child

they were determined to turn me into the meadows, instead of allowing me to flourish in the groves of academus.
the great events by famous historians, volume 14 various

so the orchard of academus suggests the ripest wisdom and most elegant learning of accomplished greece.
tablets amos bronson alcott

in time plato bought a tract of land adjoining that of academus, and this was set apart as the permanent school.
little journeys to the homes of great teachers elbert hubbard

inter sylvas academi qurere verum—amid 40 the woods of academus to seek for truth.
dictionary of quotations from ancient and modern, english and foreign sources james wood

he founded his college in the grove of his old friend academus, a mile out of athens on the road to eleusis.
little journeys to the homes of great teachers elbert hubbard

as it was, he soon left the groves of academus, and sought those of fashion in town.
the wits and beaux of society grace & philip wharton

“the grove of academus is one of the few places now remaining where virtue is really taught and encouraged,” rejoined anaxagoras.
philothea lydia maria child

the academy at athens was an open meadow, given to the city by academus, from whom it took its name.
rambles in rome s. russell forbes

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