(in former cl-ssifications) any coelenterate of the group acalephae, including the sea nettles and jellyfishes.
historical examples

perhaps they too act like the venomous matter produced in the thread-capsules of the acaleph.
report on the radiolaria collected by h.m.s. challenger during the years 1873-1876, second part: subcl-ss osculosa; index ernst haeckel

and throughout considerable portions of their bodies, some of the acaleph exhibit more or less distinctly this type of structure.
ill-strations of universal progress herbert spencer

the medus are often termed the acaleph—a word which signifies nettles, and they are popularly known as sea nettles.
the sea sh-r- william s. furneaux

the color of this pretty acaleph varies from a greenish hue to green, with a faint tinge of red, or to a reddish brown.
seaside studies in natural history elizabeth cabot cary ag-ssiz

it exists occasionally in considerable numbers on the internal surface of some acaleph of the ocean and of the mediterranean.
animal parasites and messmates p. j. van beneden

(obsolete) any of the coelenterates of the former taxonomic group acalephae, which included the jellyfishes

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