acanthocephala a·can·tho·ceph·a·la (ə-kān’thə-sěf’ə-lə)
any of various worms of the phylum acanthocephala that live parasitically in the intestines of vertebrates and are characterized by a cylindrical, retractile proboscis that bears many rows of hooked spines. also called spiny-headed worm.
a·can’tho·ceph’a·lan (-lən) or a·can’tho·ceph’a·lid (-lĭd) adj.
historical examples

the invertebrates: acanthocephala, aschelminthes, and endoprocta.
the biotic -ssociations of c-ckroaches louis m. roth

the life-cycle of moniliformis moniliformis (bremser, 1811), acanthocephala.
the biotic -ssociations of c-ckroaches louis m. roth

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