any of numerous arachnids of the order acarina, comprising the mites and ticks.
belonging or pertaining to the order acarina.

acarine ac·a·rine (āk’ə-rīn’, -rēn’)
relating to or caused by an acarid. n.
an acarid.

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  • Acariasis

    infestation with acarids, especially mites. a skin disease caused by such infestation, as scabies. noun infestation of the hair follicles and skin with acarids, esp mites acariasis ac·a·ri·a·sis (āk’ə-rī’ə-sĭs) n. pl. ac·a·ri·a·ses (-sēz’) a disease, usually of the skin, caused by infestation with mites. also called acaridiasis, acarinosis.

  • Acaricide

    a substance or preparation for killing acarids. noun any drug or formulation for killing acarids acaricide a·car·i·cide (ə-kār’ĭ-sīd’) adj. destructive to acarids. n. an agent that destroys acarids.

  • Acarid

    an acarine, especially a mite of the family acaridae. of or relating to an acarid. historical examples as regards the scab, itch, and mange insects or mites (acarid), three perfectly distinct forms are known. parasites t. spencer cobbold many insects are always covered with certain species of acarid. animal parasites and messmates p. j. van […]

  • Acaridae

    acaridae acaridae a·car·i·dae (ə-kār’ĭ-dē) n. a family of exceptionally small mites, usually 0.5 millimeter or less in length, abundant in dried fruits and meats, grain, meal, and flour, and frequently causing severe dermat-tis in persons hypersensitized by frequent handling of infested products.

  • Acarina

    acarina acarina ac·a·ri·na (āk’ə-rī’nə, -rē’-) n. an order of arachnida comprising the mites and ticks and including several species that are parasitic to humans and animals. historical examples the larv of the acarina with their peculiar ecdyses are to be regarded as much modified larval forms. the works of francis maitland balfour, volume ii (of […]

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