a coastal region of the w central part of ancient greece: now part of the province of aetolia and acarnania in modern greece.
historical examples

the name of troy has been heard, perchance, even in acarnania?
andromache gilbert murray

the regency confided to m. lepidus, 201, who hands over the administration to aristomenes of acarnania.
a manual of ancient history a. h. l. (arnold hermann ludwig) heeren

we shall then p-ss on to ætolia and acarnania, parts of europe of which it remains to give an account.
the geography of strabo, volume ii (of 3) strabo

at first this army, after ravaging the lands of attica with fire and sword, retired to acarnania with booty of all kinds.
history of rome, vol iii t-tus livius

beyond that and across the acheloos rose the snowy mountains of acarnania and leukas, just touched by the rising sun.
vacation days in greece rufus b. richardson

these decrees were p-ssed at leucas, the capital of acarnania, the place where all the states usually met in council.
history of rome, vol iii t-tus livius

however, the hope of recovering acarnania princ-p-lly moved them.
the history of rome; books nine to twenty-six t-tus livius

it forms the boundary between epirus on the north and acarnania on the south.
the histories of polybius, vol. i (of 2) polybius

the grand mountains of acarnania to the south challenged especially to a nearer view.
vacation days in greece rufus b. richardson

acarnania and aetolia; attempts to cultivate it elsewhere have generally proved unsuccessful.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 12, slice 4 various

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