your definition is of acceleration is wrong. people do legitimately have a fear of acceleration, but such people have no fear of speed. it’s simply the rate at which one arrives at that speed that causes discomfort. therefore, someone with a fear of acceleration can quite comfortably travel at 70 mph on a motorway, but they’re not going to floor the accelerator in first gear, because that’s just stupid and only morons drive like that.
travelling from 0 to 30 mph by flooring the accelerator in first gear and reving up the engine on purpose to make a noise like a complete and utter tw-t.
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fear of the gas pedal. characterized by erratic braking, persistent traffic obstruction and speeds of more than 5mph under the limit. prevalent mainly in central/south florida and branson, missouri. often accompanied by acute blinkeritis.
rush hour traffic was especially horrendous today. seems like half the population of tampa has acceleraphobia.
fear of acceleration. u know the type, they go below the speed limit, which p-sses you off and makes u holler phrases which are inappropriate for use in public
why does every motherf-cker who drives in front of me have acceleraphobia. they need to speed the f-ck up!!!!!

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