capable or worthy of being .
pleasing to the receiver; satisfactory; agreeable; welcome.
meeting only minimum requirements; barely adequate:
an acceptable performance.
capable of being endured; tolerable; bearable:
acceptable levels of radiation.
historical examples

those angels, who wait around his throne, serve the most high, as acceptably as they who fly on his messages.
the loyalists, vol. 1-3 jane west

i know of no aerolite that has ever been acceptably traced to terrestrial origin.
the book of the d-mned charles fort

for doing this acceptably, he would get 600 a year, and travelling expenses paid.
the catholic world, vol. x, october 1869 various

he had formerly served the country most acceptably at the french court.
great men and famous women. vol. 4 of 8 various

he gave in addition a course on chemistry, most acceptably to the students, and engaged in an extended and a laborious practice.
the history of dartmouth college baxter perry smith

“it strikes me you speak it most acceptably,” interposed percival.
west wind drift george barr mccutcheon

martha savory and her companion martha towell are now acceptably with us.
memoir and diary of john yeardley, minister of the gospel john yeardley

the purpose of the novel is, after all, to be acceptably interesting.
hugh wynne, free quaker s. weir mitch-ll

the public officers were plain, honest men, who acceptably administered the affairs of the colony with small cost.
the colonies 1492-1750 reuben gold thwaites

the milk supplements the cereal as acceptably as in a dish of mush and milk.
everyday foods in war time mary swartz rose

satisfactory; adequate
pleasing; welcome

late 14c., from old french acceptable, from latin acceptabilis “worthy of acceptance,” from acceptare (see accept). related: acceptably.

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