(defs 3, 6).
historical examples

yet, sir, i fear your fatal openness will make you suspected as accessary, let us be ever so cautious.
pamela, or virtue rewarded samuel richardson

“an accessary, both before and after the fact,” he repeated to himself.
forging the blades bertram mitford

marables was indicted for having been an accessary to the last charge, as receiver of stolen goods.
jacob faithful captain frederick marryat

my mother proceeded; you have a relation, madam; i understand she was accessary to your misfortune.
memoirs of miss sidney biddulph frances sheridan

to remit a fugitive to excessive punishment is to be accessary to the crime.
memoir, correspondence, and miscellanies, from the papers of thomas jefferson thomas jefferson

accessary or accessory, are differently accented by the best writers and speakers.
dissertation on the english language noah webster, jr.

accessary is now the usual spelling of both the adjective and the noun in their legal sense.
chambers’s twentieth century dictionary (part 1 of 4: a-d) various

men of that profession are both greatly exposed to danger of sin themselves, and are too often accessary to the sins of others.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

sir george looked astonished; that she is dead i rejoice said he, but how my dear faulkland, were you accessary to it?
memoirs of miss sidney biddulph frances sheridan

in pekin, the shew was but an accessary; every one pursued his business, at the same time that he gratified his curiosity.
travels in china, containing descriptions, observations, and comparisons, made and collected in the course of a short residence at the imperial palace of yuen-min-yuen, and on a subsequent journey through the country from pekin to canton john barrow

noun, adjective (pl) -ries
(law) a less common spelling of accessory

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