Accident boat

a boat kept suspended outboard so that it can be lowered immediately if someone falls overboard.

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  • Accident insurance

    insurance providing for loss resulting from accidental bodily injury. historical examples we have written, i presume, millions of policies of accident insurance upon persons engaged in industrial occupation. proceedings, third national conference workmen’s compensation for industrial accidents various fred was -ssiduous in his cultivation of the force; he called it “accident insurance.” making money owen […]

  • Accident proneness

    noun the unconscious tendency, thought to exist in some people, to involve themselves in a large number of accidents

  • Accidental death benefit

    a life insurance benefit, usually in the form of a rider or policy addition, under which the proceeds are payable to the beneficiary only if the insured dies by accident.

  • Accidental hypothermia

    accidental hypothermia accidental hypothermia ac·ci·den·tal hypothermia (āk’sĭ-děn’tl) n. unintentional decrease in body temperature from exposure to a cold environment.

  • Accidentology

    noun the study of the prevention of accidents

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