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historical examples

the value -ssigned to the advantages resulting from acclimatization of stocks varies considerably.
the new gresham encyclopedia. vol. 1 part 1 various

give ill-strations of acclimatization as a form of accommodation.
introduction to the science of sociology robert e. park

a third theory charges it to predisposition plus the process of acclimatization.
the cruise of the snark jack london

as to what has been done in the way of acclimatization it is not necessary to say much.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 2, part 1, slice 1 various

the acclimatization of tropical people in temperate regions will never be a question of widespread importance.
influences of geographic environment ellen churchill semple

they seem to be immune to most of the pests and do not require as much in the way of acclimatization.
florida: an ideal cattle state florida state live stock -ssociation

they were ‘ravaged by disease, and literally decimated year by year in the process of acclimatization.’
british quarterly review, american edition, volume liv various

in 1854 he founded the acclimatization society of paris, of which he was president.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 11, slice 6 various

the first fact to which we would call attention has reference to acclimatization.
quarterly journal of science, literature and the arts, july-december, 1827 various

i had watched the process of acclimatization as it attacks the souls of men, and pitied some of them.
the pacific triangle sydney greenbie

to adapt or become accustomed to a new climate or environment

1836; see acclimate + -ize; a more recent formation than acclimate and replacing it in many uses. related: acclimatized; acclimatizing.

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