Accommodation train

railroads now rare. a local train.
historical examples

after about three hours i change to an accommodation train that finally winds up at atalissa somewhere around noon.
agent nine and the jewel mystery graham m. dean

he had come in on an accommodation train, and was waiting for the midnight express.
asa holmes annie fellows johnston

they were spoken by the conductor of the accommodation train sharply.
ralph on the overland express allen chapman

the accommodation train from new york to boston was late that day.
bessie’s fortune mary j. holmes

my “arriving” was always in an accommodation train fifty minutes late.
a daughter of the middle border hamlin garland

she knew that there was an accommodation train due soon after the express.
by the light of the soul mary e. wilkins freeman

he landed in jersey city in ample time to catch the accommodation train which stopped at all points north of its destination.
fame and fortune weekly, no. 801, february 4, 1921 various

she was on an accommodation train, too, or perhaps it was before they had good railroad service.
betty gordon in the land of oil alice b. emerson

a night ride in an accommodation train is not exciting, and penningtons trip to marston was monotonous enough.
the doctor’s red lamp various

says she must be loving someone all the time, even if she is considered in the light of an accommodation train.
letters of a dakota divorcee jane burr

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