the state of being , liable, or answerable.
education. a policy of holding schools and teachers for students’ academic progress by linking such progress with funding for salaries, maintenance, etc.
contemporary examples

it seeks the rule of law and accountability, not the rule of a supreme leader or a divinely-chosen imam.
egypt’s president mubarak plays with fire bruce riedel february 9, 2011

ultimately, the accountability entailed in answering to your investors is invaluable.
zynga’s ipo gives founder mark pincus a stock cl-ss all his own gary rivlin december 13, 2011

barack obama pledged to use technology to bring openness and accountability to the white house.
what’s obama hiding? nicholas ciarelli february 11, 2009

combs reflects the right kind of thinking in texas and is already leading the way to improve transparency and accountability.
if washington wants to balance its books, congress could learn something from texas mark mckinnon january 24, 2013

brands are a shorthand—a symbol of safety, accountability, quality, fairness, and distinction.
what warren buffett needs to do now jeffrey sonnenfeld march 31, 2011

historical examples

that responsibility for your neighbor is a responsibility and an accountability that you and i cannot avoid or evade.
the works of robert g. ingersoll, vol. 7 (of 12) robert g. ingersoll

moreover, rufus’s sense of accountability was particularly keen.
a gamble with life silas k. hocking

it has been said that there is no accountability, if not to g-d.
a review of the systems of ethics founded on the theory of evolution c. m. williams

accountability, therefore, cannot be predicated of such phenomena.
doctrine of the will asa mahan

after this talk with william he could not get rid of the idea of accountability to his g-d.
choice readings for the home circle anonymous


1770, from accountable + -ity. earlier was accountableness (1660s).

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