to equip or outfit, especially with military clothes, equipment, etc.
historical examples

dietrich then donned his armour and was -ssisted to accoutre himself by hildebrand.
hero tales and legends of the rhine lewis spence

let us exchange shields, and accoutre ourselves in grecian suits; whether craft or courage, who will ask of an enemy?
the aeneid of virgil virgil

(transitive; usually p-ssive) to provide with equipment or dress, esp military

also accoutre, 1590s, from french acoutrer, earlier acostrer (13c.) “arrange, dispose, put on (clothing),” originally “sew up,” from vulgar latin accosturare “to sew together, sew up,” from latin ad- “to” (see ad-) + -consutura “a sewing together,” from latin consutus, past participle of consuere “to sew together,” from con- (see com-) + suere “to sew” (see suture). related: accoutered; accoutred; accoutering; accoutring.

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