accrington could be used as a dictionary example of a sh-thole. i6t is trapped between the majestic beauty of blackburn and burnley, both of which deserve greater recognition. blackburn had the recent honour of being voted one of the ten grimmest towns in the northwest and burnley is one of the only towns to have bnp (british national party~~ formerly the british n-z- party) councillors. most of the denizens of accrington are townies, elsewhere known as scallies chavs and pikeys. consequently there is an impressively large jjb, and the all sports gets a lot of business. the market is also the place to go to get bling and there is an impressive quant-ty of jewellers who trade of the magpie like qualities off townies (attracted to shiny and tacky things). accrington has the some of the worst health care, the lowest numbers of students going into higher education and an impressive crime rate. a lot of this can be explained by the fact that house prices in accrington are among the lowest in the country; therefore you can -ssume it’s the only place where these “people” can afford to live. the only places that can beat accrington are its suburbs – unlike in most cities where the worst place is the inner city, accrington has merged into the surrounding towns infecting them like a cancer. only baxenden has escaped. ironically one of its neighbours is the ribble valley, which is the reverse in every way. everyone with sense from accy (as it is locally known) ends up there if they can afford paying £250,000+($458,380.99+) for a two up two down terrace in the centre of whalley.
a) my doctor said that i’ve got to drink more milk or i’ll end up having to play for accrington stanley
b)accrington stanley who are they?
a) exactly

(two scouser kids)

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