the condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact; freedom from error or defect; precision or exactness; correctness.
chemistry, physics. the extent to which a given measurement agrees with the standard value for that measurement.
compare (def 6).
mathematics. the degree of correctness of a quant-ty, expression, etc.
compare (def 5).
contemporary examples

now, questions are emerging about the accuracy of her remarks during a trip to northern ireland this week.
oops, did she do it again? niall stanage october 13, 2009

exerting pressure on a government requires certainty and accuracy.
has the committee to protect journalists betrayed turkey’s journalists? oray egin december 20, 2011

“this is very real, this mixture of speed and accuracy,” sacks said.
why tourette’s may be tim howard’s secret weapon on the field michael daly july 2, 2014

such obsession with accuracy makes what berg does with creative license for the rest of the story so self-contradictory.
the myth of reality in ‘lone survivor’ benjamin busch january 18, 2014

one of them, lenora hall, confirmed to me the accuracy of the fbi account.
did mcveigh have another accomplice? gerald posner october 3, 2009

historical examples

the account we have of their movements is so meagre that it is impossible to follow with accuracy the route they traversed.
christopher carson john s. c. abbott

it was simply impossible to judge with any accuracy of the distance of the ship.
malbone thomas wentworth higginson

he made pellets of clay from his father’s studio; and i was deeply affected by the long range and accuracy of these weapons.
hawthorne and his circle julian hawthorne

everything combines to prove the accuracy of my observations.
the lamplighter charles d-ckens

he was born between 1015 and 1020—this is the nearest that we can approach to accuracy.
the makers of modern rome mrs. (margaret) oliphant

noun (pl) -cies
faithful measurement or representation of the truth; correctness; precision
(physics, chem) the degree of agreement between a measured or computed value of a physical quant-ty and the standard or accepted value for that quant-ty

1660s, from accurate + -cy.

how close to the real value a measurement is.
compare precision.

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