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  • Accusal

    . historical examples i could not forget that in very truth ruth’s accusal had been the result of this verdict. the mystery of the hidden room marion harvey she could face his accusal if only he could give the reason for it. the coast of chance esther chamberlain but the strange mental or spiritual power […]

  • Accusant

    to charge with the fault, offense, or crime (usually followed by of): he accused him of murder. to find fault with; blame. to make an . verb to charge (a person or persons) with some fault, offence, crime, etc; impute guilt or blame v. c.1300, “charge (with an offense, etc.), impugn, blame,” from old french […]

  • Accusation

    a charge of wrongdoing; imputation of guilt or blame. the specific offense charged: the accusation is murder. the act of or state of being . contemporary examples in addition to that accusation, peres was for a long time viewed as a politician interested only in furthering his own position. the abba eban factor brent e. […]

  • Accusatival

    pertaining to the case.

  • Accusatorial

    of, like, or pertaining to an . historical examples the proceeding, too, was inquisitorial, not accusatorial: it required no accusers. not paul, but jesus jeremy bentham adjective containing or implying blame or strong criticism (law) denoting criminal procedure in which the prosecutor is distinct from the judge and the trial is conducted in public compare […]

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