ace deuce

usually refers to ann arbor, michigan
i live in ace deuce b-tch
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another way of saying ann arbor (a²)
person 1: yo, where you from?

person 2: i’m from the ace deuce, nig!
ace-deuce,aka “ace, two” is a starting hand in texas hold-em, which is deceptively good because you have an ace, but it’s really a pile of cr-p. it will f-ck you over a lot, especially if someone else has an ace with any card higher than a two.
someone else; ” i got two pair, aces and nines, what do you have?”
me: “ace-deuce, f-ck. i f-cking hate ace-deuce.”
a nickname for the sh-thole that is ann arbor, michigan. see also, a-squared (a^2, or as those from said town type it, a2). home of the michigan skunkbears.
see the guy who thinks his sh-t don’t stink? yeah, he’s from “ace-deuce.”
slang word for ann arbor, michigan that became popular mostly through the website “mysp-ce.”
ed: where are you from?
jamal: b-tch, you know i’m from the ace deuce
best friend (prison slang)
yo, ace deuce, shank that cho mo for me.
best friend
w-ssup ace-deuce

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