ace of spades

refering to holding the trump card of all, not caring for anything lesser
i don’t share your greed, the only card i need is the ace of spades- motorhead
1.a card which, as the legend has it, was being left by the american troops during the vietnam war on dead bodies of those whom they had killed. they were also used to scare away viet congs soldiers without firefight since the latter believed a spade, according to the vietnamese tradition, to be a herald of death and ill-fortune. in coppola’s ‘apocalypse now’ one of the american soldiers (presumably played by robert duvall) throws such a card onto the lifeless body of some vietnamese.

2. a great song by mr. lemmy kilmister and co. often a background song for tony hawk’s stunts.

3. the highest card in the deck as it is commonly believed.

ad.1. as the lieutanant produced a deck of cards consisting of ace of spades solely, viet cong soldiers dropped their guns and started retreating in a frantic manner.

ad.2. whenever i’m huffy i play ‘ace of spades’ by motörhead.

ad.3 she was sure to win, having ace of spades.
nickname for the champagne brand armand de brignac, which comes in a gold bottle with an ace of spades-shaped label
“h-o-v-a, gold bottles of that ace of spades…”
is a champagne made by armand de brignac. jaz z is making it very popular since he no longer supports cristal. “ace of spade” will be available in the us in december of 2006.
“gold bottles of that ace of spade.”
the woman’s v-g-n- and -ss combo when she is bent over on all fours. the shape is derived from her -sshole to around the outside of her l-b– majora and then in towards the slit. that makes the spade. the stem is normally visualized unless the girl has meaty l-b– minora. though a girl with small or unseen inner l-b– makes for the best example of an “ace of spades”. the “ace” in the name is a great pseudonym for -ss or -sshole.
her ace of spades was to die for. i could eat it all night.
#1: the highest card in a standard playing card deck.

#2: a song by motörhead featured on video games such as tony hawk’s pro skater 3, guitar hero and the bigs. one of the biggest kick–ss songs of all time and respect the authority of the mole or “cocoa puff” as beavis called it.
#1: in a game of bullsh-t (aka bs) the ace of spades is always played first face up

#2: to not like ace of spades is like for a girl to not like chocolate.
a girl with an ace body, but a face that looks like its been hit by a spade.
friend 1: mate she’s definitely an ace of spades!
friend 2: but i’d tap that!

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