a t-tle fighter pilots claim when they’ve shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft
person 1 – i was flying escort when out of nowhere enemy planes ambushed us and i managed to shoot down my first 5.

person 2 – you are officially an ace
excellent! very good!(australian slang)
it’s ace!
as-xual to any degree. using “ace” for “as-xual” gained popularity on aven ( and has inspired the use of the spade as a symbol of the as-xual community.
1.”are you gay?”
“no, just ace.”

2. “i’m an active member of the ace community.”

3. “something about purple cake makes me feel very ace…”
aces has been american slang for “the best” at least since the first years of this century, deriving from aces, the highest cards in poker and other card games. but ace for an expert combat flier who has shot down five or more enemy planes appears to have been borrowed from the french as, “ace,” during world war 1. from there ace was extended to include an expert at anything. the card name ace comes ultimately from the greek ‘as, one.
my grandfather was a world war 1 ace pilot
slang for as-xual.
no, i won’t sleep with you. i’m an ace.
1) british for cool, meaning more for cool, in other words amazing, said at most sleepaway camps, to describe activities and campers.

2) also meaning yes (as an accomplishment)
1) “that new cd is ace”

2) “and the winner is… bob”
to p-ss a test or quiz. often used in school.
i totally aced that math quiz; i got a 96%.
exclamation that expresses something as being exceedingly good.
my boss is quitting and i’m finally getting that raise.


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