a girl with a beautiful smile and an “ace” to anyone’s heart.
“oh snap, is that acel? she peeerrrffff.”

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  • Acid Slug

    one who does lsd. if you walk around the neighborhood at night without shoes and not give a f-ck. laughing your -ss off at everything. one from the psychedelic era, who believes the world is better on acid. therefore they are an acid slug.

  • Acquired Situational Narcissism

    pathological (secondary) narcissism that is induced in adulthood by dysfunctional coping with celebrity, wealth, and fame. the “victims” – billionaire tyc–ns, movie stars, renowned authors, politicians, and other authority figures – develop grandiose fantasies, lose their erstwhile ability to empathize, react with rage to slights, both real and imagined and, in general, act like textbook […]

  • Acrotomophilia

    the love of (or s-xual attraction to) amputees. it is a fetish focused on amputations, generally of limbs. there are two subtypes of this fetish. acrotomophilia is an intense desire for one’s partner to be an amputee. acrotomophiles are also known as “devotees.” apotemnophilia is an intense desire to be an amputee. aptemnophiles are also […]

  • acroys

    acroys short for “acronyms”. first seen on craigslist for northern new jersey feb 2008. used to refer to various s-xual acts (cim, greek, etc) as in “gia does all acroys”

  • action 52

    an unlicensed game with 52 games in one cart, created by active enterprises at the price of $200 (a “bargain” at less than $4 a game, they boasted) for the nes and later, the sega genesis. action 52 is the worst game ever made. poorly programmed, all 52 games are loaded with bugs and glitches, […]

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